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Step 1: Select Your Shirt Style and design below. Step 2: Choose color and size. Step 3: Buy it and show your Townie pride.


Long Sleeve T's

Gildan Lightweight Hood

Anvil Mock Turtlenecks

Rugged Crews

Rugged Hoods

Track Jackets

"The Guy", John Kelly

Owner/Designer and Original Charlestown Townie

Every weekend at the corner of Monument and Bunker Hill Streets in Charlestown, John Kelly hangs his clothesline out to display his Townie Sportswear to his fellow Townies and anybody else who might want to become a Townie through the purchase of his goods.

Most Townies refer to the open-air market as "The Red Store"; as it was fondly remembered in decades gone past. To the people outside of God's Country who inquire about making a purchase, they are told to go see "The Guy" on the weekend up at The Red Store on Bunker Hill Street.

The Townie Sportswear collection has been evolving since the mid-seventies and will continue to evolve until all Townies go the way of the dinosaur; which isn't about to happen anytime soon. Hopefully, this Townie Sportswear website will make it easier for all the Townies, wherever they might be, to have access to purchasing these items so that they can display their Townie heritage proudly. If can't drop by The Red Store on the weekend to see "The Guy" John Kelly, you can go online and take a walk down memory lane and purchase a wide variety of Townie sportswear - made for Townies, by a Townie.

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